Wednesday, May 25, 2005

AJAX resources

Architecture and Philosophy

Adaptive Path

Ajax Patterns

Java Blueprints
·Auto-Complete: Provide a simplifed means of data navigation as the user enters a request in an HTML form.
·Progress Bar:
Track the progress on the client of a server-side operation without refreshing the HTML page.
· Realtime Form Validation: Perform server-side validation of form data in an HTML page without refreshes.
·Refreshing Data: Provide up to date data to the an HTML page.

Degradable Validation

CSS, and basic JS tricks.

Backbase movable portlets

Edit-in-place, Dragable layers, and drag-and-drop sort.

Fade, rollover, and disappear effects.

Spell check

Magnetic Poetry

Sample finance app

Rich code-viewer

Task List

A really cool widget platform





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